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Sportneer Mini Portable Bike Hand Pump

Sportneer Mini Portable Bike Hand Pump

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This portable bike pump is made of aluminum alloy material. Small bike pump weight is 4.3 oz, and the size is 10.3 x 1.8 inches. Air pump for bike maxmium high pressure can reach 130 PSI. When you are in an emergency, the portable emergency hand pump can help you quickly fill your bicycle.


  • 【Schrader & Presta & Dunlop Valve】This hand holder road bike pump have three different valve to adapt different products, and we also provide needles to meet the needs of inflating different balls, so you can use it to inflate your mountain cycling, sport balls, balloon, strollers tyre, basketball and football, etc.
  • 130 PSIAs a brand seller, we can promise toward everyone, we always choose the most authentic data to speak. Our bike pump can reach 130psi maximum inflating, this is very real, which can quickly inflate your bike tires maintain tire pressure.
  • 【Hand Held and Foot Pump】Compared with most other bike pump, which only have one use method, our mini manual floor pumps not only can inflate by hand, but also allows you to use your foot. You can choose the method that you like or convenient.
  • 【Portable and Ultra Lightweight】Our small handheld pump with hose only have 10.3 inches length, 4.3oz weight. Due to the mini body and mounting bracket presented to you, making it very easy to carry. You can put pump in your bag or put on the bike frame by using the mount bracket of we send to you.
  • 【Premium and Use Convenient】Stand up bike pump is made of high quality aluminum alloy. And the pumping hose also can be twisted 360°. No matter where the bicycle air hole is, it can realize rapid inflation.
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