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Sportneer Bike Gloves

Sportneer Bike Gloves

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Why choose Sportneer cycling gloves?

Do you know what problem will occur without wearing gloves during cycling for a long time? You will suffer from a hand ache. If you happen to fall from your bike, this time, wearing a pair of professional cycling gloves to protect your hands is of great importance.

Our Sportneer cycling gloves are a reliable companion for every cyclist, relieving hand fatigue and keeping your hands more comfortable.


  • Breathable & Comfortable: Why sacrifice breathability for comfort? Crafted with butterfly net + Lycra fabric with over 30 holes in the palm, the Sportneer Bicycle Gloves are not only comfortable but also super breathable. These bike gloves make it convenient and comfy to grip the handlebar without stuffiness and numbness.
  • Slip-Resistant & Shock-Proof:  Ease your palm fatigue while preventing your hands from slipping! Covered with 4D silica gel and filled with SBR material, the road bicycle gloves are shock-proof and non-slip, allowing you to firmly grasp the handlebars and protect the easily injured parts during bumps.
  • Wear-Resistant & Durable:  Easy to wear? Not exist! Your tools should be built to last and the Sportneer mountain cycling gloves certainly are. The use of microfiber PU makes it strong and durable to last you for the long haul. Just enjoy the joy of riding!
  • Convenient & Considerate:  One-piece design makes it easy to unglove and improves firmness. Plus, the Velcro design on the wrist makes it convenient to wear and adjust the tightness. More importantly, the towel cloth is spliced on the thumb to enable you to wipe sweat while cycling, preventing sweat from accumulating and affecting your sight.
  • Multiple Uses:  Only for bike cycling? Absolutely not! Our half-finger bike gloves are perfect for a wide range of sports activities, from off-road riding, road riding, and motorcycle riding to hiking, climbing, camping, running, and much more.
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