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Sportneer 8mm Thicker Bicycle Chain Lock Heavy Duty Anti-Theft

Sportneer 8mm Thicker Bicycle Chain Lock Heavy Duty Anti-Theft

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Sportneer Bike Lock Anti-Theft Cut Resistance Bicycle Chain Lock with 2 Keys
Lock your bike securely and conveniently every time with the Sportneer Heavy-duty Bike Lock Chain!

Looking for a tough bike lock that won’t scratch your bike and is easy to carry? Try the Sportneer Bike Lock Chain, which is constructed with hardy manganese steel and has an 8mm-thick chain for strong cutting resistance.

The protective cover over it shields against corrosion and dirt as well as protects your bike from scuffs and chips. Plus, the Sportneer Bike Lock has a locking cover to shield it from dirt and rust for better long-term functionality. Locking is a breeze thanks to the 360° swivel lock head, so you won’t be stuck fiddling with your lock for ages. Lets you secure racks, poles, and more! 2 keys are included so you have a backup, plus make another copy at any time.

  • 0.32inch-Diameter Ultra-Thick Chain: The thicker the bike lock chain, the more secure your property, which is why this heavy duty bike lock measures 8mm/0.32inches thick. Made of premium manganese steel, it’s cut and shear resistant to prevent bike theft.
  • Waterproof & Dirt-proof Cap: A dirty keyhole makes it difficult to open your lock, so to keep it dry and safe, we include a water and dust-proof cap for dirt and rust prevention. To make it easier to lock onto any object, the bicycle lock head is rotatable 360°. No more wasted time when you’re trying to lock your bike! (Note: For longer service life, please add anti-rust solution into the keyhole on a regular basis.)
  • Wear-resistant Protective Cover: Keep the bike chain for lock with keys in good condition as well as your bike thanks to the non-woven fabric, which resists corrosion and abrasion and prevents scratches and chips of your bike frame.
  • Sturdy Copper Keys: For the best strength and bend resistance, the keys of the heavy duty bike chain lock are made from pure premium copper, and won’t damage the lock cylinder. Comes with 2 keys so you can keep one at home for backup. You can even copy the key to have another one on hand as needed.
  • Locks More Than Bikes: It’s not just a bike lock, it can lock all sorts of things! Secure your gates, doors, scooters, motorcycles, generators and even sports equipment!


Length:3.2 Ft

Diameter of lock: 0.32inch

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