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Sportneer 6 Feet High Security 5-Digit Resettable Combination Lock

Sportneer 6 Feet High Security 5-Digit Resettable Combination Lock

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Sportneer Bike Lock with Light for Night Unlocking, Digit Combination Bicycle Cable Locks
  • Smart LED Light: Unlock your bike, even in the dark! The Sportneer bike cable lock features a built-in LED light, allowing you to see your password easily. After 15 seconds, the light will be off automatically to save power.
  • Safe & Practical: Never need keys again! Just use the 5-digit resettable combination bike lock, which has 100,000 different combinations for the highest security. Easily set your own password. Then lock and unlock your bike with ease.
  • Portable Fixed Bracket: Instead of lugging your lock around in your bag, you can affix the lock onto the bicycle frame for easy access. Plus, the self-coiling design is flexible, letting you bunch it up tightly to save space.
  • High-Quality & Durable: Made to last through weather, and tough conditions, this wear-resistant bike lock is made of temperature resistant, environmentally friendly ABS material; the lock cylinder is constructed with rust-proof zinc alloy and the cable is made of flexible steel. Plus, the PVC coating prevents scratches on your bike, keeping it in the best condition, no matter the weather!
  • Multiple Uses: The Sportneer bike cable lock isn’t just for bikes. It can secure all sorts of things, such as gates, motorcycles, scooters, toolboxes, grills, sports equipment and more. The 6ft length makes it convenient for locking onto fences, railings, gates and trees.
  • Worried about losing your bikes during a quick stop while packing coffee?
  • Worried about losing keys to your bike lock?
  • Trying to open your lock in the dark?


The Sportneer Bike Lock Cable Combination with LED light is exactly what you need.

Just turn on the built-in LED light which makes it possible to see the combo. After 15s, the light turns off to save power. Replaceable built-in battery, additional come with spare CR2302 battery.

Available 2 inner diameter thicknesses

Regular Inner Diameter: 0.18 inch(4.5mm)

Thicken Inner Diameter: 0.22 inch(5.6mm)

The shear resistance of the thickened model is improved by 24.5%. Confirm and choose your desired thickness based on the safety of the surrounding environment.

Secure any items you like

Secure your bicycle, scooter, stroller, door, toolbox, sports equipment, barbecue grill, landscape equipment and more. Protect and access your belongings with ease, using the 5-digit secure bicycle lock!

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