Explore home percussive massage guns over traditional massage therapy during the pandemic

Explore home percussive massage guns over traditional massage therapy during the pandemic

Explore home percussive massage guns over traditional massage therapy during the pandemic

Getting a massage from a licensed massage therapist is one of the best experiences after a long day of workout. As your therapist slowly kneads your aching muscles, firmly stretches your tired tendons, you can feel the stress and pain melting away. After a relaxing massage, your whole body feels lighter and ready to hit the gym again. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many massage therapist offices are forced to close down to limit the spread of the virus. After an intense workout session at home, you no longer have the luxury to get a massage from your therapist. That does not mean you cannot have a massage at all! Imagine experiencing relief from muscle aches anytime you want, anywhere you are, with only a simple hand-held device – a massage gun can offer you the comfort and convenience you are looking for.

What is a massage gun?

At first glance, a massage gun (also known as percussion massager gun, deep tissue massage gun, impact massager) looks like a handheld power drill with a range of strange-looking heads. It is actually a high-intensity device used as a muscle recovery tool. This type of muscle massager has gained popularity from viral videos of professional athletes using them on social media. Popular models on the market include Hypervolt Hypercie, Theragun, TimTam gun, Nuvomed Pro-therapy impact massager, etc. While its mesmerizing ripple effect across the skin’s surface does stir up much excitement and prompt many followers to invest in these relatively pricey devices, the ultimate question is still left unanswered: Are the benefits worth the money?

How does a massage gun work?

Muscle massagers work by using percussive therapy (also known as vibration therapy). It is one of the latest discoveries in the field of sports recovery science. The percussion gun introduces accelerated bursts of pressure into the deep tissues of the body as its head oscillates back and forth. These bursts of pressure help increase blood flow to the target area to reduce inflammation and get rid of bothersome muscle knots. Muscle knots are hard, sensitive areas of muscles that tense up even when the muscle is at rest; they are the primary cause of back and shoulder pain after a workout. A professional massager can also be used in anticipation of an intense workout to help warm up your muscles before activity.

What are the benefits of using a massage gun? 

Here is a list of advantages of using a massage gun and the reasons explained:

  • The health benefits of vibration therapy have been backed up by scientific literature. According to a 2014 study Vibration Therapy in Management of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness by Veqar, Z., vibration therapy (which is a part of percussion therapy) is effective in preventing delayed onset muscle soreness. It is less likely that you will experience muscle pain 2 to 3 days after a workout session. This effect is achieved through increasing blood circulation, as mentioned above, so more oxygen and nutrients can reach your tired muscles. The study also states that this type of therapy “improves muscle strength, power development, and kinesthetic awareness”.
  • The same study suggests that vibration can improve your muscle’s range of motion. Your muscles become more flexible and less prone to injuries.
  • A percussion gun can also help increase lymphatic flow. Less muscle tightness means better lymphatic drainage. Your body can then remove toxic wastes more effectively, resulting in an improved immune system.
  • Lactic acid is produced by muscles after intense exercise and causes sore muscles. With improved blood and lymphatic flow, lactic acid buildup will be released more quickly, resulting in faster relief of muscle soreness.
  • A deep tissue percussion massager takes advantage of modern technology such that it can reach deeper layers of muscle than that of a foam roller or even human hands. Therefore, it tends to provide better relief for muscle pain.
  • The process is also fully automated, removing the need for manual labour when using a foam roller.
  • You can use the device at home whenever you like. You do not have to make appointments to visit your massage therapist and there is no risk for COVID-19 exposure.
  • Deep muscle massager guns are portable and can be used anywhere. You can carry one around with you to the gym for when it reopens. This way you can enjoy immediate pain relief after a workout.  
  • Unlike a traditional massage, the deep tissue massager can desensitize the surrounding area of an aching muscle, thereby reducing pain during use.
  • Using a percussion gun for a relaxing massage can promote overall wellness by increasing comfort and reducing anxiety. This can lead to better sleep and improved mental health.  

What should I know about before using a massage gun?

Although there are many benefits associated with the use of a deep tissue massager, the device is not appropriate for everyone. There are a couple of things to consider before using one:

  • Learn how to use your percussion gun properly. Massage therapists are licensed professionals who go through years of training. They are familiar with human anatomy as well as massage techniques. A common consumer may not know much about the human body, so it is advised to take special care when using the massager. If you feel a dull, achy pain when using your percussion gun, it may be a sign that you are pressing too hard and inflicting damage to your muscles. If you experience sharp, stabbing pain, you may have hit a nerve and should put the gun down. Avoid massaging anywhere with broken skin, scabs, lesions, or recent bone fractures. You should also refrain from using the massager on your neck because it could cause a carotid dissection, which is a tear in the carotid artery. This type of injury is very serious because it can interfere with blood flow to the brain and requires immediate medical attention.
  • Consult your healthcare provider before using a massager gun if you have existing medical conditions. Percussion massage guns may cause more harm than good for certain people. For example, if you have diabetes, you should not use the percussion massager on body parts that have impaired sensation to avoid causing muscle damage without realizing it. It is common for diabetic patients to lose their sense of pain due to peripheral neuropathy in body parts such as their feet. If you are taking prescription blood thinners, including heparin and warfarin, you should also avoid massagers. Blood thinners make your body bleed and bruise more easily, so applying repetitive pressure to muscles increases the risk of tissue damage. If you are unsure, always ask your doctor before making any decision.
  • Prices can be quite high, so you may have to shop around to find one withthe best value for money. For example, Theragun Pro and TimTam Power Massager Pro are nearly $500 USD. Fortunately, there are other brands that produce high quality percussion massagers at lower prices. You should consider noise levels, ergonomics, and warranty when looking for the massager that is the most suitable for you.

Sportneer offers value massagers that meet all your expectations!

If you are looking to purchase a new massager, you should definitely check out Sportneer’s percussive massage guns. Both models are priced under $130 USD and check all boxes when it comes to functionality. They utilize therapeutic percussion massage therapy that provides all the benefits described above.

  • The Sportneer K1 Percussive Massage Gun($99.99 USD) only weighs 1.8 Ibs, making it highly portable and easy to hold. It can be neatly packed into a round case that fits in your bag. The massager only reaches 35 to 55 decibels while in use, so neither you nor your family will be bothered by its noise. The massager has 5 speed levels (1200 RPM/min, 1600 RPM/min, 2200 RPM/min, 2800 RPM/min and 3200 RPM/min) that provide different levels of massage intensity. You can use the lowest intensity before a workout to wake up your muscles and then use Level 4 intensity for a deep muscle massage afterwards. You can freely adjust the intensity to meet specific needs. The percussive massage gun comes with six different massage heads including 2 metal heads that can be used with essential oils. The fork head is best for massaging the spine, the bullet head is for the palm and bottom of the feet, the flat head can be used on the whole body, and the ball head is most effective for large muscle groups such as your back and hips. The massager is equipped with a rechargeable 3400mAh lithium battery and can last up to 6 hours after being fully charged. For your safety, there is also a 10-minute auto-off function to prevent overheating.
  • The Sportneer Elite D9 Percussive Massage Gun ($129.99 USD) is a slightly upgraded version of theK1 model. It is equipped with a 16.9V brushless motor and has a dual bearing structure. The massager is whisper quiet and offers a range of vibration modes as well as 6 alternative massage heads. It is slightly larger and heavier than the K1 model (2.3Ibs) but has 1 additional vibration mode.

With amazing products comes amazing after sales services. Sportneer’s customer service team is always passionate and ready to help. If you are not happy with the product you received, do not hesitate to contact them. They have a 100% response rate to customer messages on Amazon and will work with you to provide a satisfactory solution.


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