Sportneer Wearable Hoodie Sleeping Bag-Blue
Sportneer Wearable Hoodie Sleeping Bag-Blue
WEARABLE, INNOVATIVE ZIPPER DESIGN: Have you ever dreamed of staying in your cozy sleeping bag all day? Sportneer’s unique bottom zipper design makes that dream a reality. Just unzip the bottom to walk around freely and stretch your hands out for reading. Perfect for camping, family leisure, and office use.
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Gear up for your next adventure with Sportneer!

Deep, quality sleep is a must to recharge after a long day of outdoor fun. The Sportneer 4 Season Sleeping Bag guarantees a good rest, even in less-than-ideal conditions.

Keep Warm in Cold Weather 
Late-night temperatures can chill you to the bone. TheSportneer Sleeping Bag’s premium cotton filling keeps you cozy in temperatures as low as 20°F and a 210T polyester shell provides insulation and waterproofing. You’ll stay cozy as can be all night long. 

Easy Packing
Done with the sleeping bag? Just smooth it out, roll it up, and stick it in the in the bonus carrying pouch for ultra-compact storage. It’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice

Walk, Read, and More
It’s not just a sleeping bag— it's a wearable hoodie! Zippered armholes allow you to poke out your hand for reading, gaming, sipping tea, and so much more. That’s not all— with Sportneer’s clever bottom zipper design, you’ll be able to walk around without leaving the bag.

Here at Sportneer, we look to bring the best of an a
ctive lifestyle to you. That’s why if something’s not up to 100% satisfaction connect with our customer service team and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you within 24 hours.

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  • Sleeping Bag
    December 12, 2016
    Thank You for the sleeping bag I won from you, it came super fast and I Love it! ❤️
    • I really like this sleeping bag
      December 13, 2016
      I really like this sleeping bag.  I had a difficult time getting it back into the bag...but I did manage to get it in.  After I stuffed it into the bag; I used the straps to compact it down to a smaller size.  Really nice.  Like the description says, it can easily fit one person.  Two people would be a very tight squeeze.  In the photo I am comfortable, but my 10 year old daughter is hanging out a little bit.
      • Beautiful, lightweight sleeping bag
        December 13, 2016
        Beautiful, lightweight sleeping bag. I love the colors, inner lining looks much prettier and is much softer than I expected.  We will enjoy using this for our faux camping trips in the backyard with our little one.
        • Super comfortable, and well padded
          December 13, 2016
          I wanted a heavier duty (Warmer) sleeping bag and got it with this one. Super comfortable, and well padded. The compression bag is awesome. Helps me repackage it into the tightest possible format
          • Looks like this will be a nice sleeping bag.
            December 18, 2016
            This sleeping bag is really nice.  It is exactly what I expected from the posting.  It looks like it is quality material and will hold up well over time.  The carrying bag to hold the sleeping bag is a little tight, but it does squeeze in with a little effort.  I have no intention of ever testing the 0F temperature of the materials as that's too cold for me to go out camping...but it is comforting that it is supposed to keep one warm even in that temperature.  :-)  Since it was late in the year when I bought this, I haven't had the opportunity to test it out yet.  I will try to come back later and add to this review.
            • Really nice sleeping bag
              December 19, 2016
              Really nice sleeping bag!  Very nice looking  and a passed my husbands rigid standards.  He's on the taller side and the bag was very roomy and he had plenty of extra space.  It was just perfect to use inside of his car top camping tent. He took it on a trial run and sept he was perfectly comfortable and warm throughout the night with the temperatures dipped down into the 30s.  It was a little difficult to get back into its carrying bag the first time we tried to roll it up but when we try to second time we just realized you have to really really tight!  Bag looks to be good quality and we look forward to using it over the years.
              • great bag
                December 19, 2016
                Great bag, great folks to deal with.  Highly satisfied.
                • Warm dry and padded
                  December 22, 2016
                  Did a weekend test on hike. Went great.. warm dry and good padding.
                  • Very Nice
                    January 3, 2017
                    Warm and well made - excellent price.  Always good to have a few sleeping bags around for camping or house visitors.
                    • Nice sleeping bag.
                      January 5, 2017
                      This is a great sleeping bag. It large enough to fit two. Nice, comfortable bag. This bag will keep you warm. I like the carry bag. It is very convenient for storage.
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