Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Camping Chair, 2 Pack
Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Camping Chair, 2 Pack
Sportneer' Portable Aluminum Folding Chair is the support you need from a convenient on-the-go chair. The portable chair is built of premium aluminum alloy and nylon material to handle up to 350 lbs in weight. The chair is simple to unpack and set up, and the material conforms to the shape of your body to enhance comfort. It is the perfect buddy for backpackers, tailgaters, hikers, campers, concerts, adventures and more!
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Sportneer' Portable Aluminum Folding Camping Chair is the support you need from a convenient on-the-go chair.

The portable chair is built of premium aluminum alloy and nylon material to handle up to 350 lbs in weight.

The camping chair is simple to unpack and set up, and the material conforms to the shape of your body to enhance comfort.

It is the perfect buddy for backpackers, tailgaters, hikers, campers, concerts, adventures and more!

Sportneer's Folding Camping Table features a user-friendly, compact design. It is foldable, portable and lightweight,

weighing only 1.7 pounds with a holding capacity of 33 pounds(15kg). The design is built to last, with sturdy joints,

connectors and a 600D ripstop Oxford cloth. The simple set up, water resistant feature and strong stability makes it

the perfect table for all outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, picnic, fishing, bbq...etc.

Camp outdoors in comfort and style with Sportneer's Well-Designed Camping Furniture.

-Material: Aluminum +60D Nylon

-Product Size: Seat Height: 13.8in, Back Height: 26in

-Package Dimensions: 14.25 x 5.25 in

-Product Weight: 2.0lbs

  • perfect for using with camp chairs
    August 15, 2016
    Perfect to used with or collapsible camp chairs around the campfire. I receive this product at a deep discount in order to review it. All thoughts, opinions, and photographs are my own. No monetary compensation was received. I have it pictured here next to the rocking chair on the porch but we intend to use it with our collapsible camp chairs around the campfire. It collapses down and fits in a nice little bag and is a long tube just like the chairs so they all stick together nicely and pulled up to not take up too much additional space. When we first got this and open the box my six-year-old was the one who put it all together so it is quite easy to put together. You will see when you make the base there is some notches and holes that you need to slide your pieces into then the table top part snaps into place on top of those in the brackets. Bars for the table top need to be positioned so that the flat sides will slide in. It is quite easy to do and figure out but just wanted to get detailed instructions here in case anyone else had not figured it out. I know it says that it has a capacity for 33 pounds and I am sure we typically will not have that much on it but my 50 pound 6 year old did sit on it before I could tell him not to and it held its shape very nicely. This will work nicely 2 store all of our s'mores ingredients on top of hand assemble our s'mores on.
    • Great to go with my folding chairs
      August 16, 2016
      Great to go with my folding chairs. Packs up nice and small and is light weight. It has supporting structure built in so it is stiff enough for a cup of coffee.

      I received a free sample to test and provide an honest reivew.
      • Great for camping!
        August 27, 2016
        We were finally able to take this camping table with us this weekend on our latest camping adventure and it was perfect holding all our food stuff right by the fire. The table breaks down & folds up into a small cylinder about 2 feet in length. The bag keeps everything safe & it pops together in less than a minute. It works great for holding food, but would also be great in a larger tent with room for holding stuff. Great addition to your camping supplies. Packs down, very light weight & makes camping that much easier. Definitely recommend. I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.
        • Perfectly Portable!
          August 29, 2016
          This picnic table is very impressive! I did not expect much upon opening it, but when I assembled the thing and set a glass of water on it just for testing, I was very surprised at how sturdy this table actually is! It weighs a bit more than a pound and it will hold over fifty pounds! Maybe more! The heavy-duty, durable canvas top feels very strong and the joints all feel snug and solid.

          This table is super convenient as it assembles and tears down in about one minute. All rolls up inside of a light, draw-string bag so it can be tossed in the trunk and carried anywhere you need a place to set your Starbucks cup and iPhone. Soccer games, camping trips or even sitting around the fire-pit with your friends.

          This item was received free for review. This review is based on my own opinions and experiences.
          • Perfectly Portable Chair!
            August 29, 2016
            This chair is freaking awesome!

            I love that it is lightweight, extremely portable and incredibly easy to assemble! There looks like a bunch of pieces and no instructions, but upon closer inspection, all of the pieces are attached with bungee-like cords and they just stretch and snap into place! Then you just stretch the cover over the frame and you have a comfy, portable chair!

            I've had portable chairs that weigh over ten pounds! This itty-bitty seat weighs in at just over 1.5lbs!

            The only drawback would be that you would have to find pretty solid ground because the feet are small and they would definitely sink in soft ground. That's the ONLY thing I can say that I'm not fond of, but if you put giant, flat feet on this chair, it would not be as convenient, so I guess it's a decent trade off...

            Overall this chair is amazing and I love it! It matches my Sportneer Picnic Table perfectly!

            I got this chair for free to review and I love it!
            • Perfect for backpacking! Way exceeded my expectations!!
              September 5, 2016
              This camping chair way exceeded my expectations! I just love it!  First off this,  Portable Lightweight Folding Chair, by Sportneer, shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition.  Chair is made from high grade  aluminum shock-cord pole structure and is great for backpacking, camping, beach, etc.  It weighs 2 lbs, and when in the carrying bag measures 14.25" x 5.25".  The maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs, so a great chair for most anyone.  However, it does have a low profile (seat height is 13.8", with back height of  26") so would not be good for people who find it difficult to get up from a low chair.

              This chair arrived in the carry bag, which is perfect for storing chair, carrying, or even attaching to backpack. Plus, the bag fits perfectly on the chair, once assembled, so never have to worry about loosing it (and its serves as a handy little storage container to keep a few things when using. I was concerned the chair would be difficult to set up, but the poles are all attached, you just slide ends together. Personally I find it easier to put actual chair into poles before sliding back to poles into base (it goes on easier). It only takes a minute to assemble. I was surprised at just how light and compact this chair is when in the bag, and even more surprised at how strong and durable it is once set up. Me and my husband are avid campers, backpackers, and hikers, so are always looking for good quality chairs. We have some larger camping chairs, but they are really bulky and we have been looking for something that is more compact and lighter in weight. Especially, for backpacking. But, usually that means not as durable or strong, or not very comfortable. We were both really impressed with this chair. Not only is it super compact and light, but the design makes it extremely durable and strong. And, it is comfortable to use. Even having our larger, padded chairs, we were both fighting to sit in this one all weekend. So, far we have only used on one camping trip, but I can't wait to take this backpacking! I definitely recommend this for camping or backpacking. However, it does sit low to the ground, but this isn't an issue for us.
              • Lightweight and Durable
                September 5, 2016
                As I have written many times before, my kids and I love heading outside to the park when the weather is warm and comfortable. Now that fall has arrived, I plan to take my kiddos to park days with my local homeschool group more often. As the children play, the parents sit around and talk. I have one portable chair that I bring with me, but I would love to have a second one to share. When recently offered the chance to review a portable lightweight folding camping chair from Sportneer in exchange for my honest opinion, I eagerly accepted the opportunity.

                When I first took my chair out of the carrying case, I was amazed at the design and structure. Without instructions, I was able to figure out how to set the chair up quickly and easily. I had a few seconds of trouble when I first put the seat on the base, but I realized that I just had to stretch the material slightly to fit over each corner pole. Disassembling the chair is just as easy as setup. I love that this lightweight and compact chair quickly and easily packs down into the small carrying bag. I can definitely set up picnics at the park more easily with my new camping chair!

                Although Sportneer warns that the portable lightweight folding camping chair may not be suitable for individuals who have trouble standing from a low position, I have no problem with the lower seat. In fact, I am a petite woman, so I love that my feet actually touch the ground while sitting in my new chair! My kindergartener daughter can get in and out of the chair with ease too, and even my toddler son and slide in and out fairly easily.

                I have so far been quite impressed with the quality of my new camping chair. The aluminum shock-cord pole structure is lightweight but durable. As soon as I set the seat up in my living room for the first time, my kids immediately insisted on playing with it. Even after my rough-and-tumble son rolled the chair over many times, I found nary a wear or tear on the frame or seat. I expect my new Sportneer portable lightweight folding camping chair to last me for many years and picnics to come!
                • A Very Light, Very Portable and Comfortable Chair
                  September 25, 2016
                  This little chair surprised the heck out of me in several different ways. They were all good ways though. I wasn't sure what to expect so the surprises started from the moment I laid eyes on it. I received the Sportneer Portable Folding Chair at no cost in order to review and this is a really cool compact chair that is very easy to carry around. When the chair arrived I was doubtful. This case did not look like it contained a chair. Let alone one that was supposed to to able to hold the weight of an adult! The case is about 15 inches long, 5 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches tall.

                  When I opened the box and saw the case, I thought I might have gotten sent the wrong thing. It just wasn't large enough to possibly hold a chair. I was a little apprehensive as I pulled the bundle from the case. The seat material was wrapped around the bundled poles of the frame. I was relieved to find that the poles were all attached with bungie-type stretchy cord so you don't have to worry about loose or lost poles. I have carried this chair around and have now set it up numerous times and it is super easy to set up. Within the first few times of assembling the chair, I realized that I could hold the frame by the center pole (the one that is the support under the seat of the chair, between the two black plastic hubs), and shake it gently, the poles pretty much pop into the holes on their own. The two longest back support poles are the only ones that have two sections to them. The fabric seat is a very tight when putting the ends of the poles into the four pockets on the back corners of the fabric, but it does work. I place the top two rods into their pockets first, then I pull the bottom two, one at a time. The fourth one of course is the tightest since you have the least amount of slack left in the fabric, but with a firm pull on both the fabric and the pole towards each other, the pole does slide into the pocket. The pockets are extremely reinforced to hold strong and steady.

                  The first time I sat down into the chair I was nervous that it would hold me.. I'm not the lightest gal around, but it didn't even flex. I was once again surprised by the comfort. I am five feet tall and I find this chair comfortable to sit in. It does sit a little lower to the ground so some people may have trouble sitting that low. My son is about 5 feet 6 inches tall and he was also surprised that it held him and did so comfortably. I have truly liked having this chair. It has been very handy having it in the car for outings and other unexpected moments.
                  • Great purchase!
                    November 2, 2016
                    I love it.  It was a little challenging the first time we set it up, but after that, super easy.  I carry it around at sporting events and keep it in the trunk "just in case!"
                    • Great Chair.
                      November 15, 2016
                      Exact copy of the $150 chair from Cabelas. Works great for a fraction of the cost!
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