Sportneer Men's 3D Padded Cycling Shorts-S
3D Cycling Shorts
Sportneer Men's 3D Padded Cycling Shorts-S
3D Cycling Shorts
ANTI-SLIP LEG GRIPS: Pedal with pro-like swiftness; the leg grip firmly keep the shorts in place, with smoothness that prevents abrasions and chafing.
Size : S M L XL 2XL
Color :

If you’re an avid cyclist and constantly experience chafing and pain from the long hours on the road, the Sportneer 3D Padded Cycling Shorts is just the solution for you. 

We’ve designed these cycling shorts with a special 3D pad that pads your bottom to prevent friction, and anti-slip grips that keep your shorts firmly in place with softness that reduces 
friction and doesn’t cause abrasions. Made for comfort and sewn with quality, these shorts allow you to pedal with passion and ride in motion at absolute full speed ahead.

Sportneer Cycling Shorts are available in 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Material: 90% Polyester/10% Spandex 
Package dimensions: 7"x6.5"x1" 
Package weight: 0.34pounds

  Package content: 
  1 x Bike Shorts 
  1 x Warranty Card

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