Sportneer Foldable Bicycle Repair Rack Workstand
Sportneer Foldable Bicycle Repair Rack Workstand
With the Sportneer Bike Repair Stand, you’ll get the best of both. The premium aluminum body is lightweight, ultra-stable, and can hold an incredible 60 lbs!
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Sportneer Bike Repair Stand, Foldable Bicycle Repair Rack Workstand with Tool Tray, Height Adjustable, Home Work Stand

Working on your bike can be more trouble than it's worth. You've got to kneel down fumble around with your tools, try to keep your bike in place, and that's just the beginning!

With the Sportneer Bicycle Repair Stand, bike maintenance is easier than ever. This compact, sturdy stand is crafted from high-quality aluminum that can support up to 60 lbs. Simply unfold the stand, secure your bike in the grip jaw, and adjust the stand's height and angle. Any bike frame between 1-2 inches in diameter will fit perfectly.

The Sportneer Bicycle Repair Stand is great choice for avid cyclists, bike clubs, bike repair shops, and for household use.


1. Make sure the stand is stable before use.

2. Do not use strong force to lengthen the extension tube. Doing so may cause damage to the product.

3. Though bikes may be mounted by the seat post or the frame, mounting the bike by the seat post is recommended.

4. Only mount bicycles with carbon or other light frames by seat post. Do not mount them by the frame.




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