Sportneer 5-Digit Bicycle Chain Cable Locks
Sportneer 5-Digit Bicycle Chain Cable Locks
KEYLESS SECURE LOCK MECHANISM: This bike chain lock has advanced 5-digit combination lock, allowing up to 100,000 possible codes making it nearly impossible to crack. Keyless convenience
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Sportneer Bicycle Lock, 5-Digit Resettable Combination 3.2 FT Bike Chain Cable Locks

Protect your bike against theft with Sportneer's Secure Advanced Bike Chain Lock. The 5-digit combination allows up to 100,000 possible codes making it nearly impossible to crack.

Best of all, it allows for keyless convenience. It is built to last, with durable cut resistance cable made from manganese steel and an protective exterior coating to prevent from scratches.

  • Great Product
    November 14, 2016
    I really like how large the numbers are, and once it's unlocked you turn a dial on the inside to reset/change the code if wanted without needing to insert a special key.  They mount is removable and adjustable, and the small cable clamp can also be moved or removed.  Really heavy duty for the price.
    • Simple, Compact, and Secure!
      November 22, 2016
      This is an excellent bike/multi-purpose lock. I've had other bike locks with similar designs, but for some reason they were much more difficult to use. Here's some things I really like about it:

      1. Simple to use. Very easy 2-step process to set your lock combo (or reset it). The dial numbers are large so that they are easy to turn. Sometimes these types of locks take a lot of twisting and pulling to get the lock to open, but not at all with this one.

      2. Compact: The wire curls up when not in use and the whole thing fits in the palm of your hand. The very simple to mount and attach/detach clip makes an easy on-off process, and the lock will curl up nicely under your bike seat (the picture on the amazon page shows that accurately).

      3. Secure: I feel like I could tow a car with this. The cord is very thick and despite its flexibility, it couldn't easly be cut. It has an overall hefty feel. It also has a smooth platic-tube cover, so there is no chaffing or scratching, etc. of an exposed wire. I definitely feel secure using this with my bike, lawn-mower, chair, etc., -- anything you wouldn't want easily taken away from you. You could also use it to lock gates, trailers or doors.

      The cable is 4ft long, so bear that in mind if you're looking for a certain length.

      I've attached two pictures: (1) showing the lock lifting 25lbs off the ground easily with no concern about the lock breaking. (2) a top-down view of the attachment link, showing the easy way to attach the lock to the mount on your bike.

      ***one point of note: the 7th photo on the amazon page (which shows the 3 different ways of "locking" the bike) are not the way the lock works! For some reason they are showing the cable/lock still attached to the mount, which could easily be unclipped. For actual use, you would need to take the lock off the mount, and then wrap the lock around a secure part of the bike (like the frame) and a secure object (like a pole). This should be obvious for any user, so I'm not sure why they included the pictures that way.

      Highly recommended!
      • Great choice
        November 27, 2016
        Thick, strong, easy to use, easy to set combo and I love the bike clip.
        My last one was too thin and bike was stolen.
        It took me one minute to reset the combination (five digits) and super easy to mount it to the bike. Quick release mounting, and the tumblers operate smoothly. Can't go wrong with this one.
        • Thislock is Fantastic
          November 27, 2016
          This lock is fantastic and the price is even better. Works as advertised.
          Would recommend this not only for bicycle's but other uses to secure anything.
          • Quality on par with much more expensive locks
            November 28, 2016
            This is a great lock -- comparable in build quality to the Master Lock version, with a few added benefits:

            1) 5-digit combo is, literally, 10x more secure than a 4-digit combo. One piece of advice -- don't use your zip code!

            2) The combo is much easier to change than similar locks I have used before.

            Remember to lock your bike as tight as you can -- the looser the lock, the more leverage a thief can get in prying it off.

            Good luck!
            • Nice Quality Bike Lock Cable
              November 28, 2016
              It looks and feels like a good quality bike lock.  Of course it is always hard to tell just how well a bike lock cable is made until you either try to break it....or a thief does.  Very few bike locks will stop a truly determined and well equipped thief but going by weight and build quality, this looks like a step up from some of the cheaper ones for sale and should deter those casual thieves.  It also looks nice, the combination is super simple to reset and the mounting bracket is quick and easy to use.  I like it.
              • Excellent, heavy duty cable lock!
                November 29, 2016
                This is a very high quality bike lock cable.  I like it that it has a 5-digit code, harder to figure out for a thief.  Well made.  Very happy with this purchase.
                • I like this bike lock a lot, it's beefier than expected and super easy to use
                  November 30, 2016
                  I like this bike lock a lot, it's beefier than expected and super easy to use.

                  You can set the combination in under 30 seconds, and it seems to hold strong. Manipulating the combination numbers is very easy. To reset the combination, you just unlock it, turn a knob, set your combination, then turn the knob back, done.

                  The cable is about 2.2 cm thick, including the plastic coating on the cable. It seems like it would be difficult to cut through without some serious bolt cutters.

                  I didn't even realize it came with a bike attachment, but that part is actually pretty neat. It's a quick connect type attachment. You can attach it to the bike with one hand, but detaching will take two hands. That solves the problem of how to carry the lock around with you.

                  My only complaint is that the cable retains the coiling really bad. It's actually a bit difficult to straighten it. This makes it easy to manage when trying to store it on the bike, but you have to fight it when locking up the bike. This might get easier as time passes.
                  • Heavy duty secure bike lock.
                    December 2, 2016
                    Very sturdy bike lock. The cable is a heavy braid and couldn't easily be cut. The lock weighs about thirteen ounces and is about 44 inches long. It might actually be a little bit longer but the coil is really tight and thus hard to measure.

                    There is a bike frame bracket that securely stores the cable lock when not in use. The fitting on the cable slides into the bracket and snaps in firmly. Press the orange button on the bracket to release the lock from the bracket (see the attached photos.)

                    The lock has five numbers and is it easy to set to the desired combination. I like the large numbers, helpful since I wear glasses for fine print.

                    This is a well constructed, thoughtfully designed secure lock. Two thumbs up! ????
                    • Great lock!
                      December 3, 2016
                      I had previously discovered this item while looking for a sturdy lock to send my Nephew and this item is perfect.  It's very well constructed, would be incredibly difficult to cut thru and the combination option is easy to use.

                      I'm so thrilled to find this lock that I've ordered another!
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